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Geek Dinner 2.0 (Now with Flickr!) March 9, 2006

Posted by Jack in Geek Dinners, Uncategorized.

Despite some parking issues because of an adjacent Motley Crue concert (no I’m not kidding), another big, diverse, talented, enthusiastic crowd turned out for Geek Dinner 2.0. Folks, we’ve got a movement on our hands!

Alex has set up a Providence Geeks group on Flickr, and Brian has posted the first batch. If anyone else took photos, please share!



1. kerri - March 10, 2006

Any chance you can turn on ‘notes’ for the photos, Brian? It would be nice to be able to point out who’s whom!

2. Alex - March 10, 2006

Kerri, if you join the group you can note the photos (even if Brian hasn’t turned on notes).

3. Brian Jepson - March 10, 2006

Thanks, Alex. I believe that’s the best way to do it. (My flickr settings allow my contacts to add notes and tags, so if anyone has trouble adding notes, just send me a contact request via flickr).

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