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Mini Demo at the April 19th Geek Dinner April 14, 2006

Posted by Brian Jepson in Geek Dinners.

We’re going to try something new at the April 19 2006 Geek Dinner; a short (5-10min) talk followed by a little demo, and some Q&A. We’re calling this one “Power When You Need It”:

One thing the BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC, and iPod all have in common is that they are hungry for power. And with a tendency to run out just when you need to make that important phone call (or while you’re in the middle of watching a movie), it’s no wonder that lots of people invest in things like extra batteries, hand-crank chargers, and quick-charge solutions like CellBoost.

However, it’s cheap and easy to roll your own field-expedient charger that can use common power sources such a AA or C cell batteries. Kipp Bradford and Brian Jepson will present the fundamentals of your gadget power needs and show you some ways to build your own charger that can feed juice to any device that charges over a USB connection.



1. John Duksta - April 29, 2006

Brian, Kipp:

Are the schematics and bill of materials for this project going to be released soon?

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